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1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
2. Bachelor of Philosophy
3. basis point
4. Baseball batting practice
5. before present (in radiocarbon dating, before 1950)
6. bills payable
7. birthplace
8. blood pressure
9. boiling point


abbreviation for
1. (of alcoholic density) below proof
2. boiling point
3. bishop


abbreviation for
1. (Pharmacology) blood pressure
2. (Pharmacology) British Pharmacopoeia


1. baptized.
2. birthplace.
3. bishop.


bills payable.


or BP,

before the present: (in radiocarbon dating) in a specified amount of time or at a specified point in time before A.D. 1950.


1. below proof.
2. boiling point.


1. =British Petroleum
2. =blood pressureTA


ABBR =Bishopob., obpo.
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