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Following the Disposal Vela holds 610,900 common shares in BTL, equivalent to approximately 3.
Industrial-grade greenhouse covers from BTL Liners provide longer growing seasons and allow the community to harvest and eat local produce longer than traditional uncovered gardening.
The BTL design has arrived at a somewhat modular and adaptable shoe that allows each individual member of the band to express himself.
ICRA also reaffirmed the A2+ rating on the INR120m non-fund-based limits of BTL.
BTL (revised): Beyond-the-Line (digital technology breaking the barriers)
With the installation of the submarine cable, BTL will now be able to offer its DigiNet Broadband product to the entire island of Ambergris Caye; with broadband speeds of up to 100 Mbps.
24 April 2017 - UK-based investing company Vela (AIM: VELA) disposed of a further 20,000 common shares in Canadian technology firm BTL Group Ltd on 17 April at an average price of CDN 4.
CRISIL believes that the BTL group will continue to generate steady cash accruals over the medium-term, backed by its established market position.
To make a BTL campaign effective, factors like the right time (seasonality, e.
Rates are linked to the US$ Libor, or inter-bank wholesale money market, rate, and are about one percentage point below the cheapest BTL mortgage previously offered, Charcol said.
s global network of companies and joint ventures, will support the rapid deployment of the BTL plant offer to the renewable fuels sector.