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Bachelor of Theology




or B.T.,

Bachelor of Theology.
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Cities in the greater BTH region have consistently been reported to have the highest concentration of particulate matter and other air pollutants, following decades of emissions from pollution-intensive industries in the area, as well as the region's heavy reliance on coal for energy generation.
While the PRC government has been actively addressing this challenge since the launch of the Comprehensive Action Plan for Air Pollution in 2013, which introduced the PRCs most stringent measures to reduce air pollution, more than 95% of the cities in the BTH region still suffer from air pollution above the World Health Organization and national ambient air quality standards.
For additional information on BTH please visit http://www.
This is because the BTH operator is the most applicable method to extract image structure under lower illumination conditions [30], which is the case in blood vessel detection application.
No shares of BRE, BNL or BTH were liquidated in connection with this transaction.
BEIRUT: Syria's Parliament speaker has invited his opposite numbers in "friendly" states to send representatives to observe next month's presidential election, the first multiple-candidate poll of the Bth Party era.
Assad also underscored the significant role of the Bth Party in the underway reconciliation process, stressing the need for Party efforts to eliminate fanacticism and create awareness inside a society.
However, unlike Assad and Russia, Iran and the Syrian Bth Party want to keep fighting.
s Bth party, which many Sunnis view as a move to alienate them.
Pas de reaction a cet article Belhaj Amor, le secretaire general du parti Al Bth et membre du front populaire a declare, sur les ondes de Mosaique FM, avoir recu une lettre l'avertissant que la vie de son fils Omar etait en danger.
The blast rocked a busy intersection grouping a mosque and the Bth party headquarters located at the outskirts of the central al-Mazr district and adjacent to al-Thawra Street, witnesses told Xinhua.
Summary: Damascus: A powerful car bomb exploded near the headquarters of Syria's ruling Bth party in .