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 (bäl′bĕk′, bā′əl-) Formerly He·li·op·o·lis (hē′lē-ŏp′ə-lĭs)
A town of eastern Lebanon northeast of Beirut. It is the site of an ancient Phoenician city probably devoted to the worship of Baal and is now noted for its extensive Roman ruins.
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(Placename) a town in E Lebanon: an important city in Phoenician and Roman times; extensive ruins. Pop: 150 000 (1998 est). Ancient name: Heliopolis
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(ˈbɑl bɛk, ˈbeɪ əl-, ˈbeɪl-)

a town in E Lebanon: ruins of ancient city. 16,000. Ancient Greek name, Heliopolis.
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