Bab el Mandeb

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Bab el Man·deb

 (bäb′ ĕl män′dĕb)
A strategically important strait, 27 km (17 mi) wide, between the Arabian Peninsula and eastern Africa. It links the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden.
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Bab el Mandeb

(ˈbæb ɛl ˈmændɛb)
(Placename) a strait between SW Arabia and E Africa, connecting the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden
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Bab el Man•deb

(ˌbɑb ɛl ˈmɑn dɛb)
a strait between NE Africa and the SW tip of the Arabian peninsula, connecting the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. 20 mi. (32 km) wide.
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"It is defensive by its design, with one of the specific goals of the construct being to de-escalate tensions in international waters throughout the Arabian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, the Bab El Mandeb Strait and the Gulf of Oman."
US Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford said Tuesday that his country is "engaging" with several for a possible coalition to "ensure freedom of navigation both in the Straits of Hormuz and the Bab el Mandeb." (end)
Iran's war in Yemen aims for a military position from which it could close the narrow Bab el Mandeb Straits.
State oil giant Saudi Aramco said on Saturday that it has resumed oil shipments through Bab El Mandeb Strait.
The attack, that took place while the tanker was sailing through Bab el Mandeb Strait, inflicted minimal damage on the tanker but forced the Saudi tanker company, Bahri, to suspend all oil shipments through this area of the Red Sea until further notice.
New York Times THE narrow strait that separates the Horn of Africa from the Arabian Peninsula is so treacherous it is called Bab el Mandeb 'gateway of grief'.
STRATFORD: 2.10 Bab El Mandeb, 2.40 Between The Waters, 3.15 FREE STONE HILL (NAP), 3.50 Bestwork, 4.20 Scenic Star, 4.55 Rebel Yeats, 5.30 Innocent Girl, 6.00 Roja Dove.
But these days the focal point of concern about maritime security is the Bab el Mandeb, one of the world's busiest trade routes and only 29km wide at its narrowest point, through which some 4.7 million barrels of Europe-bound oil and petroleum pass every day.
Prices for crude oil rose about 4 percent on Thursday over concerns that the fighting in Yemen might affect the passage of tankers through the Bab el Mandeb strait, a narrow chokepoint between Yemen and Africa that is the entrance to the Red Sea.
Local residents buried their bodies which washed ashore near the Bab El Mandeb area off Yemen's coast, he said.
He confirmed that the two sides will talk on the available opportunities and work on concluding the required agreements in the field of oil production ,confirming that the cooperation will include Aden Refinery and Aden Port , as well as the understanding about ensuring the navigation in the Bab el Mandeb and developmental ,economic and service projects in the region in light of the new developments and the stable security situation.