baba ghanoush

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ba·ba gha·nouj

or ba·ba gha·noush or ba·ba ga·noush  (bä′bə gə-no͞osh′, -no͞ozh′)
A purée of roasted eggplant and tahini, flavored with garlic and lemon juice.

[Levantine colloquial Arabic bābā ġannūj : bābā, papa + ġannūj, flirtatious (ġanija, to flirt; see ġng in Semitic roots).]

baba ghanoush

(baba ɡaˈnuːʃ) or

baba gannoujh

(Cookery) a thick purée of aubergines, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic, originating in North Africa and the Mediterranean
[from Arabic]
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"Once you have the tabouli, you need the hummus, the baba ganouj, the grape leaves.
The deli cases are filled with square white bowls holding dishes such as traditional and butternut squash hummus, baba ganouj, herby potato salad and tabouli.
Also served were American dishes such as spicy chicken wings and Bobby's fried chicken, as well as favorite Lebanese choices such as homous tahini, moutabal, baba ganouj, chicken kebab, shawarma and tabouleh.
Foods added included vegetarian chili, veggie burgers, hummus, baba ganouj, wraps, sesame noodle salad with edamame, vegetarian sushi, baked ziti, and Spanish rice with roasted vegetables.
For starters, I was tempted by the toasted pitta with the suitably exotic sounding baba ganouj, imam bayeldi and the ubiquitous hummus.
It's not unusual, for instance, to see hummus or falafel or baba ganouj on the menu at a restaurant billing itself as Greek, despite the fact that each of those dishes is Middle Eastern in origin.
Still, the humus couldn't hold a light to the baba ganouj: smoky flavored, savory eggplant that tempted me to leave the bread in the basket and clean out the bowl with my spoon.