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Noun1.Babinski - extension upward of the toes when the sole of the foot is stroked firmly on the outer side from the heel to the frontBabinski - extension upward of the toes when the sole of the foot is stroked firmly on the outer side from the heel to the front; normal in infants under the age of two years but a sign of brain or spinal cord injury in older persons
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The set includes a seven-inch Buck Neurological Hammer with dual heads, octagonal chrome-plated handle and removable needle and brush; a seven and a half-inch Taylor Hammer with black triangular head and chrome-plated handle; a seven-inch Wartenburg Pinwheel with rotating spur and chrome-plated handle; an eight-inch Bahinski Percussion Hammer with two-directional adjustable head and octagonal chrome-plated handle and an additional Babinski head and 12-inch handle for a Bahinski Hammer.
It appears that Watts-Dunton, in his description of Winifred's cure, is drawing on experimental techniques of magnetic transmission developed by Charcot's student Joseph Babinski, which Babinski described in an influential report of 1886.
Musculoskeletal/Neurological: Equal strength and symmetrical movement with range of motion functionally intact; no cyanosis or edema noted; Babinski reflex positive.
En la evaluacion neurologica se encuentra paciente somnoliento, bradipsiquico, con paresia facial central izquierda, hemiparesia izquierda de predominio braquial e hiperreflexia en hemicuerpo izquierdo con Babinski izquierdo.
With regard to 'around the school' conditions that affect the learning environment, Furlong, Babinski, and Poland (1996) and Shen (2001) reported that educators in urban areas believed that they had less opportunity to respond individually to the learning environment, specifically as it pertains to behavior issues.
"There's a resurgence in demand for the handmade and unique," said Sara Babinski, principal designer for Armstrong, "including hand-sculpted hardwood floors.
Cirque du Soleil: 20 Years Under the Sun By Tony Babinski. New York: Abrams, 2004.
The current method for defining the cost and determining the value for the KCGIS Center's Matrix GIS Staffing Services and on-demand GIS Client Services has been described previously (Babinski, 2003).
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Much has been written about low retention rates in longitudinal studies of children (Bender, Ilke, DuHamel, & Tinkelman, 1997; Hartsough, Babinski, & Lambert, 1996).
Physical examination revealed a febrile (37.6 [degrees] C), obtunded female, arousable to painful stimuli with no Babinski or Hoffmann signs.
Babinski, MCIC has been named quality technical manager at Columbia Brewery (Labatt), in Creston, BC.