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Many of the 23 Democratic presidential candidates have said once in the White House, they will seek the rollback of 2017 GOP tax cuts to fund infrastructure projects, child care, and "( baby bonds ,"  which are savings accounts for newborns.
The whole point of Baby Bonds would be to dramatically lessen wealth inequality in the United States, according to the economists who came up with the idea, Darrick Hamilton of the New School and William Darity of Duke University.
through which the company may offer for sale, from time to time, up to USD20 million in aggregate principal amount of baby bonds through an at-the-market offering.
Baby bonds are not charity or welfare; they are socially selfish, since their results benefit everyone.
While voters would not be "crying with delight" at the prospect of working until 66 or losing baby bonds and child tax credits, it was essential for those seeking office to be honest about the scale of sacrifice needed to get Britain out of its financial hole, he told the Manchester Tory conference.
The changes to the so-called baby bonds and child tax credits will no doubt be managed as painlessly as possible if the Tories form the next government, but, whichever way you look at it, they expect it to hurt.
Mr Osborne yesterday unveiled a pounds 23bn austerity package which would see pay frozen for public sector workers for one year, while middle-income families will lose baby bonds and child tax credit.
It seems he Is to continue to dig his (or Is It ours) deep black hole and continue to "borrow" billions from the IMF at undeclared Interest rates to give tax breaks to some, wasting billions of borrowed money just as he has wasted trillions of his benefit system for some, even reaching down to babies with 500 baby bonds. All of this and he has nothing left In our account and now he Is to borrow even more.
Wealthy Gordon Brown, when Chancellor, didn't means test himself when he claimed Baby Bonds for his own children's tax-free trust funds to give them a good start in life at 18.
On October 9 she said baby bonds were "on the back burner," and the next day her campaign staff assured reporters that the bonds were "off the table." But another version of the idea was percolating in Congress: A few days later, Clinton's colleague Sen.
Set up investments - There are various children-friendly investments available and these include National Savings Children's Bonds and Friendly Society Baby Bonds, the first taking lump sum payments, and the latter, mostly regular premiums.
A pension should run from the cradle to the grave rather than the Government handing out baby bonds, which can be cashed in when a youngster reaches the age of 18.