Baby jumper

Ba´by jump`er

1.A hoop suspended by an elastic strap, in which a young child may be held secure while amusing itself by jumping on the floor.
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T-shirts, panties, and a baby jumper, loosely held together by safety pins, serve as poor replacements for the patchwork of individual identities that make up a country.
Last week, his customers included a man buying a Lakers baby jumper for his child and another patron who bought a license plate frame for his Lakers-gold Porsche.
If the rebounder elects to hold the ball a little longer to get closer to the shooter, and then, after passing, rushes the shooter and plays tight, tough defense, the shooter may respond with a previously learned move, called "The Jab-Step Fake, Cross-Over Drive" (more on this move later on) and take the baby jumper.
which recently recalled its bungee baby jumper, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dorel Industries Inc.
The baby jumper I knitted but hadn't yet sewn together, which was going to be too small for my friend's first born if I didn't get a move on and finish it.
In O'Neal, we're talking about a player who thinks a varied offense means he dunks one time down the court, flips in a hook on the next possession and makes a baby jumper after that.
It has been producing bespoke hand-finished cashmere personalised baby jumpers for the past few years.
Product: About 171,000 Bungee Baby Jumpers sold from 5/96 through 3/01 for about $40-$50 in juvenile product, mass merchandise, discount department and specialty stores nationwide.