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also baby mama  (bā′bē-mä′mə)
n. Slang
The mother of a man's child, especially of a child born out of wedlock.

[African American Vernacular English baby mama, baby's mama (probably influenced by Caribbean English baby-mother, babymama).]
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Baby Mama of Shatta Wale, Michy, says leaving Shatta Wale has made her happy.
What do you think about the baby mama fad in Nigeria?
Pozze has reportedly been dating his supposed baby mama, Mali Queen, who told off other women groupies on Instagram to stay the (expletive) away from her man.
Rapper Drake's baby mama was given VIP treatment after she showed up at his Paris concert Wednesday.
Taking to his Instagram, the 50-year-old posted a throwback picture of himself, Sheree and their baby son Trey, and called her "the best baby mama ever".
Simon, who praised girlfriend and baby mama Lauren Silverman at the bash, adds: "I spoke to Eric a week ago on the anniversary of my mum dying, and he knew without me saying anything.
If you haven't already heard of it, the "Baby Mama Dance" is quickly becoming the latest social media craze among expectant mothers.
But the rumour does not stop there.It has also been claimed in showbiz circles that Diamond's well-known baby mama Hamisa Mobetto and Tunda have been involved in a bitter exchange of words because of the alleged pregnancy.
Instead of passing out in a drunken slumber, he trips and falls down the stairs, leaving his baby mama Rebecca to take him straight to hospital.
crossing the police line to the job where his baby mama sister put in an
"Amy and I vow to make a movie every seven years until we make 100 movies," Fey said, alluding to their last onscreen pairing in 2008's "Baby Mama." "Or we lose a pact with the devil and one of us ages," Poehler added.