Babylonian Captivity

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Babylonian captivity

1. (Judaism) the exile of the Jews in Babylonia from about 586 to about 538 bc
2. (Historical Terms) the exile of the seven popes in Avignon (1309–77)
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Noun1.Babylonian Captivity - the deportation of the Jews to Babylonia by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC
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Its symbols were wrecked to avenge the Babylonian Captivity by destroying over 9,000 years of Iraqi heritage either by pilfering and ransacking the Iraqi museums and smuggling the artifacts, or else by assassinating the contemporary wealth of knowledge that Iraq had managed to build up over the past eight decades.
Chapter 2 addresses the reactions of saints and visionaries to the so-called Babylonian captivity and the call for a return of the papacy to Rome from the 1360s to the beginning of the schism through the writings of Pedro of Aragon, Birgitta of Sweden, and Catherine of Siena, the latter of whom reveals an intriguing protonationalistic view of the schism (51).
It chronicles centuries of conflict involving Arabs, Byzantines, and the Hunnish horsemen of the Asian plains, but the main Persian actors are not the Assyrians who figure in the Old Testament's Babylonian captivity, but the Sasanians, the post-Alexandrine power that outdid Rome in extirpating the Parthians as a military force.
The result was a historical period of great significance--the Babylonian captivity of the Jews.
In their own sufferings as a persecuted minority, Jansenists also saw themselves like the Jews in Babylonian captivity, and like the crucified Christ.
She sees human captivity in our western culture sharing much with the biblical Babylonian captivity of the Jews and draws from that experience: "A time of captivity if it is recognized as such can also be a time of liberation.
19] During the dismal period of their Babylonian captivity, the Hebrew peoples quite understandably could have lo st their enthusiasm to sing happy songs of Zion and, in the interest of their own safety, also may not have publicly sung songs of protest and struggle for liberation from Babylon.
Persia overran three continents, from Egypt to Greece to India, spreading these beliefs and values far and wide, including, most prophetically for later Western civilization, to the ancient Hebrews during the Babylonian Captivity.
is becoming a problem of biblical proportions, like the Babylonian captivity, we are going to need a religious solution.
From the Babylonian captivity down through their history, the people of Israel suffered threats to their faith and to their identity.
The book begins with a chapter on the history of Israel to the time of the Babylonian captivity, by M.
Recalling David's victory, Isaiah prophesies the appearance of a later, similar savior, a prognostication intended to give heart to his people during their Babylonian captivity.