Bachelor of Arts

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Bachelor of Arts

1. (Education) a degree conferred on a person who has successfully completed his or her undergraduate studies, usually in a branch of the liberal arts or humanities
2. a person who holds this degree

Bach′elor of Arts′

1. a bachelor's degree in the liberal arts.
2. a person having this degree. Abbr.: A.B., B.A.
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Noun1.Bachelor of Arts - a bachelor's degree in arts and sciencesBachelor of Arts - a bachelor's degree in arts and sciences
bachelor's degree, baccalaureate - an academic degree conferred on someone who has successfully completed undergraduate studies
bakalář svobodných umění
B.ABAlavere grad i humanistiske fag

Bachelor of Arts

n (Univ) (degree) → laurea in lettere; (person) → laureato/a in lettere


(ˈbӕtʃələ) noun
an unmarried man. He's a confirmed bachelor (= he has no intention of ever marrying); (also adjective) a bachelor flat (= a flat suitable for one person).
Bachelor of ArtsBA.Bachelor of EducationBEd.Bachelor of EngineeringBE.Bachelor of Fine ArtsBFA.Bachelor of ScienceBSc.
References in classic literature ?
I have it by me in the LEGENDS OF THE RHINE, done into English by the wildly gifted Garnham, Bachelor of Arts.
I have a translation by Garnham, Bachelor of Arts, in the LEGENDS OF THE RHINE, but it would not answer the purpose I mentioned above, because the measure is too nobly irregular; it don't fit the tune snugly enough; in places it hangs over at the ends too far, and in other places one runs out of words before he gets to the end of a bar.
As I was telling you, President Dunster sat in Grandfather's chair in 1642, when he conferred the degree of bachelor of arts on nine young men.
She also received a Master of Arts in International Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science.
Gach, bachelor of arts in history, magna cum laude, and a bachelor of science in social studies education, cum laude; and Jessica L.
He graduated from Dickinson College with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and also received his Juris Doctor from New York Law School.
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: Marcus Adeniyi Adeyemi, Tomi Kehinde Aiyegbusi, Shameem Akhtar, Harun AI-Ahsan, Khalid Mohammad AI-Hamoodah, Duane Michael Alexander, Stewart lan Alford, Jummai Ali, Mohammad Amar, Michelle Annakie, Jonathan Arul, Rabia Asghar, Alexia Aubertin, Satwinder Simran Aulak, Davie Avadyan,
He continued his studies, graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in piano performance from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.
Channon said: "I knew he'd come on for his first run, and although the dogs were barking for Bachelor Of Arts, I'm never frightened of one and I'm delighted we had a go.
Williamson, bachelor of arts; Paul David Wright, bachelor of arts.
He holds a Diploma in Ministry from Montreal Diocesan Theological College, a Master of Arts in theology from McGill University and a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies and philosophy from the University of Windsor.
Born in 1957 in Sagamihara, Japan, and currently living in San Francisco, Haigood attended the London School of Contemporary Dance and received a bachelor of arts degree from Bard College.

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