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For example, a hacker tool called Back Orifice was released by the Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) in 1998 and has been circulating on the Internet ever since.
The difference between Bunratty and other sneak attacks, says Gallo, is that "Trojans such as Back Orifice need an online IP connection; they are designed to be online probes," meaning that both attacker and victim need to be online simultaneously, he says.
It arrived this week, following hard on the heels of the Cult Of The Dead Cow's nasty germ, Back Orifice 2000, released last week.
mi2g points to the recent cyber attacks by the Melissa virus, ExploreZip and Back Orifice 2000 Trojan Horse to highlight the validity of its concerns.
The patch addresses the reported buffer overflow condition in a Snort sensor designed to detect Back Orifice, an older remote-controlled Trojan horse program.
We've had Melissa and her sisters and now, like the sequel to a particularly offensive horror movie, we have the announcement of a new version of the infamous Back Orifice virus.
The Internet Security System (ISS) X-Force team has taken less than 24 hours to decode the protocols and encryption algorithms within Back Orifice 2000, a new backdoor or Trojan horse program.