Back blocks

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Australian pastoral country which is remote from the seacoast or from a river.
Australian pastoral country which is remote from the seacoast or from a river.

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"By the Blue Gums of the Back Blocks," snorted the troop-horse, "do you mean to say that you aren't taught to be bridle-wise in your business?
There were back to back blocks by Haryana's Jaskaran and Garry and the game was being played at a very hectic pace.
You have to wrestle past the jacket, the seatbelt, and worst of all, the seat back blocks your elbow.
Hughes will join forces with Warner in the first Test against Sri Lanka in Hobart later this week, a year after cricket's version of trading places left one in the game's back blocks.
Kirklees Council's countryside officer Simon Pedley said: "Gorse is an important habitat and we're cutting back blocks on a seven year rotation to improve the structure of the scrub for wildlife.
Tight End or Running Back blocks the Third defender Onside on or off the LOS.
I like my chairs to have strong front and back blocks. The back blocks are bored to attach a screw into the rear leg for added strength.
Smith himself couldn't properly describe how he inherited this uncanny eye-but this extraordinary trait was the cornerstone of a career which took him from squalor in the back blocks of New South Wales to millionaires' row in Sydney.
Cut the dadoes the same width as the thickness of the material you're assembling Set the pieces for the drawer or cabinet into the dadoes, and you'll be able to easily square the unit and hold the parts in position while you glue and screw them together Place the two back blocks against a wall or a clamped- or tacked-in-place stop board that you can push against as you nail or drill and drive screws.
In gap protection, where the offensive lineman all work in the same direction and a running back blocks opposite, all the gaps are filled by blockers.
I also like the back blocks to be bored through the center from the face so that a screw can be installed into the backpost.