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Chief executive John Roberts, who in January took back charge of the company he founded, said: "We can do better."
So under the circumstances, a project owner may grant a time extension to contract duration and not back charge the contractor with liquidated damages," says Kumar.
The back charge can wait because that will only extend the melt down time for the heat.
"Do you think you should ask the mayor--and perhaps press the point that we should back charge Wendel for their mistakes?"
He also suggests charging back to residents any concessions offered upfront or during the lease term as a back charge for termination.
Some companies will back charge you for upgrades you missed or skipped.
A huge kick by the visitors' centre-half went behind, the City pressed again, and had a free for a back charge but this only gave their opponents a goal kick.
He added: ``What we are trying to do is to allow communities to have the powers they need to take back charge of their own affairs and stamp this problem out.''
"When he gets there, he finds that three of his outlet boxes are covered with Sheetrock." In this scenario, the electrician would charge Paron-Wildes for the extra time he needed to get to his boxes, and DreamMaker in turn would back charge the drywaller--who should have known not to obstruct access to the boxes.
The Dyster administration did not back charge the contractor for the broken sewer lines and taxpayers paid for the work.
According to sources, Sindh regime will take back charge from four current provincial ministers and few others will be added into the cabinet Amongst the removed ministers are likely to be included Dost Ali Rahmoon, Jawed Nagori, Robina Qaim Khawani, and Gayan Chand Aisrani.
A typical back charge for the 35-ton coreless induction furnace consisted of 55% ductile iron returns, which were previously treated with magnesium-ferro-silicon (MgFeSi) containing 6.25% magnesium (Table 3).