Back charges

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charges brought forward after an account has been made up.

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Talking to media persons in London, he said the Supreme Court had disqualified him on having 'Iqama' as he was neither involved in corruption nor in kick back charges.
When large postal carriers started adopted dimensional (dim) weight shipping, Wholesale Marine's practice of shipping products exclusively on actual package weight made it susceptible to fees and back charges from miscalculated dimensions and freight compliance issues.
Until now, disabled drivers could use free parking bays or, if full, claim back charges.
Financed impact fees Financed back charges for water, sewer, IQ Capital projects RFI 15-6513 Telematics 3 For the Solid Waste Management Division: Billing for the commercial roll cart program Billing for the exemption to service from a mandated provider The CCWSD is requesting a system that has a workflow manager for all tasks that require multiple interventions by multiple divisions and departments.
Council bosses say they were forced to bring back charges as they have to remove PS32m from the authority's budget in 2014/15 and a further PS100m over the next three years.
More than 4,000 delegates at the Royal College of Nursing annual conference in Liverpool will vote today on whether to back charges for GP appointments.
Anti-Terrorism Court Lahore turned down a plea of the prosecution for taking back charges against Saad Rafique.
Fees charged by banks, often for services as minor as changing an Internet password, have remained a subject of customer discontent even after the banking regulator has repeatedly introduced rules aimed at rolling back charges.
The STA focuses its activities on problems affecting subcontractors in public and private construction, including progress payments, bid-shopping, improper back charges, legislation, prevailing wage enforcement, lien laws, insurance and bonding, among other issues.
The Tories announced today that they would bring back charges, except for children, pensioners and anyone else who was exempt before Labour introduced free prescriptions for all in 2007.
He said: "My owners in France are looking for anywhere they can to reduce costs - not to have half a million pounds in back charges thrown at them.
NonGAAP results add back charges and subtract gains to the bottom line for extraordinary items, and thus provide a better reflection of future earnings and a more accurate account of operating results.