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Many districts start like Carthage ISD did by cutting back staff, consolidating positions and not filling positions vacated by staff members who retired or left, Gibson said.
Kennedy International Airport (US) in a bid to bring back staff luggage.
As well as paying back staff the money owed, employers on the list have been fined a record PS1.
It is one thing for a large newspaper to cut back staff from 900 to 800.
Its submission warned a number of its members had said they would need to make staff redundant, cut back staff hours or close --outcomes that were counter to the intent of the settlement.
But sometimes managers have no choice but to act quickly to scale back staff.
This need not mean cutting back staff hours, but it will mean seriously considering how a business can operate more efficiently.
Steve Minion Collins: Having read the article, I can fully understand the reasoning given by the governor to use his staff for the job for which they are employed & not as internal postmen, the service are cutting back staff, so if they wish to continue this service, then employ backroom staff to do this job with the required vetting & training, this sort of service should be self supporting & not eat into prison governors' budgets.
The official sources told here Sunday that Provincial Prisons Chief Mian Farooq Nazeer has directed all regional DIGs and senior superintendents Prisons throughout the province to call back staff on duty who are availing leaves.
It's not just North Sea operators that are feeling the pinch from depressed prices at the moment--oil and gas companies around the globe are deferring projects and cutting back staff.
That is the attitude of denial that has allowed this culture to fester and hold back staff engagement in safer patient care.
Typically there are costs associated with cutting back staff, taking into account unemployment insurance claims, unused vacation time or severance agreements and retirement plans.