Back step

(Mil.) the retrograde movement of a man or body of men, without changing front.
etc. See under Back, Half, etc.

See also: Back, Step

References in classic literature ?
He used the key to the kitchen door, coming and going by the back steps.
Speedway isn't taking a back step at all, unfortunately though, I can't earn enough money to survive and look after my family just by racing in one league.
We were on the back step for the first two days chasing Rylan Hazleton .
During the bash - a 30th birthday party for Reid's girlfriend Eliza Campbell - broken glass was put on Wilma's back step, while her six-yearold granddaughter Niomi's trampoline and swing were trashed.
It was a big back step before we had even got going, so heading into P2 I felt really uncomfortable because I hadn't done any laps.
Site photos pictured dozens of butane canisters stored on the back step.
The dog, a black-and-white border collie-Labrador retriever mix, was found on the back step of its home after the owner heard barking about 6 p.
One of Egypt's former foreign ministers, Mohamed Orabi, during a recent televised interview, said Egypt's "decisive stance" towards Turkey has played a great role in Ankara taking a back step from its stance towards the coup administration in Cairo.
In the calculation of how we aggressively tackle that growth, remember that I said that we have a department that is thinly staffed and that is a back step and unless we get the personnel that I spoke about earlier, we may have a challenge.
That's why we have fitness coaches - it's all about the players getting their fitness back step by step and gradually introducing ball work.
It follows similar courses held by Step Back Step Up in Willenhall.
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Turkey would not take a back step in its demand Israeli apology to the Turkish state and the relatives of the victims who were shot dead by Israeli commandos in a May raid on Gaza-bound aid flotilla.