Back step

(Mil.) the retrograde movement of a man or body of men, without changing front.
etc. See under Back, Half, etc.

See also: Back, Step

References in classic literature ?
He used the key to the kitchen door, coming and going by the back steps.
I think in the next seven to 10 days we can start bringing him back step by step.
Given that Russia also claims that its surveillance shows that the US-backed Syrian democratic forces (SDF) are 'avoiding a fight with IS militants' and that the IS militants are in communication with the US ground and air forces for target indication and acquisition a military mind may be forced to ask: are there any military, political or geopolitical goals that are forcing the US to take a back step and do the opposite for the time being.
DEBKAfile reported Wednesday: Binyamin Netanyahu's government is being forced back step by step on the Temple Mount standoff by a three-line siege imposed by the Palestinians, Sunni Arab governments, including Jordan, and public opinion at home.
On reaching the back door, however, he discovered that there wasn't one cat on the back step, but two: The second being a mere kitten, a few days old.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication Of Hold Back System (Floating Back Step Type) For Different Conveyors Of Crusher No.
Reality: You careen sideways, take a back step, careen sideways again, then lurch forward head-first because stones are tearing at the soles of your feet, your bikini bottoms are bulging with sand so you look like you have dramatically pooped yourself while in the water, one boob is hanging out of the bottom of your bikini flashing a semi-circle of nipple, and your hair has decided to part itself at the back of your scalp, and flip over half your face, so you look like the scary woman from The Ring.
Speedway isn't taking a back step at all, unfortunately though, I can't earn enough money to survive and look after my family just by racing in one league.
It was a big back step before we had even got going.
It was a big back step before we had even got going, so heading into P2 I felt really uncomfortable because I hadn't done any laps.
Site photos pictured dozens of butane canisters stored on the back step.
With mobility taking over, the PC business is slowly taking a back step, Nadella's appointment is welcome.