back order

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back′ or`der

an order placed for merchandise that is temporarily out of stock.
back′-or`der, v.t., v.i.
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Market demand to produce new training planes has increased so much the one major light plane maker has revealed a 700-plane backorder and USD350 m in annual turnover.
Its backorder status, which was USD240,000 at 28 February 2019, remains strong.
Only City and BR-V backorder cars due till April 2019 and payments clear (parked) till March 30 will be delivered and invoiced on the previous price, according to the notice.
"Examples include improved information directly available to the six pilot ships through One Touch without having to call a given item manager, thereby making the Item Managers more efficient, and a seven percent increase in the use of GDSC as an escalation point for additional clarification on backorder status."
According to the designer's website, the earrings are the Nosheen Stud earrings, which are "hand made in Kabul by the men and women artisans of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation." The $60 pair is already ( on backorder .
If you are located in the United States, you have the option to place an order now (in backorder status) which will be billed and shipped when product becomes available, or to check back with Kodak in December to place an order then.
Yao and Lee (1999) studied a fuzzy inventory model by considering backorder as a trapezoidal fuzzy number.
Data for Item 1, used in analysis, are as follows: time horizon length is 355 days, total demand in time horizon is 16424 units, daily demand is 46.20, standard deviation is 29.87, purchase price c = 1.64 [euro]/unit, fixed ordering cost [pi] = 10 [euro]/order, backorder cost n = 0.70 [euro]/unit backordered, holding cost [h.sub.d] = 0.001348 [euro]/unit/day.
Manufacturers are also confronted with constraints, conditions, and costs, such as facility capacity limits (i.e., time), machine costs (i.e., purchase and maintenance), inventory holdings, backorder, and subcontracting.
Sarkar and Moon [18] extended Ouyang et al.'s [17] model with variable backorder rate.
In reality, it is often seen that all or part of the unsatisfied customers can wait for the demands to be replenished by the newsvendor soon afterwards, called backorder. For example, Corsten and Gruen [4] showed that about 15% of the unsatisfied customers are willing to accept the backorder invitations from the retailer in a stockout situation.
Concerning such a situation, we study in this paper a single item partially backordered inventory system governed by a continuous review (Q,r) policy: (i) when the inventory position (stock on hand plus stock on order minus backorders) reaches the reorder point r, an order is placed with the batch size Q; (ii) the storage space is capacitated, and unmet demands are partially backordered; and (iii) there is a "free waiting time" during which there is no backorder cost for the model.