back order

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back′ or`der

an order placed for merchandise that is temporarily out of stock.
back′-or`der, v.t., v.i.
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"At the start of Sha'aban we handle backorders and deliver our items and decorate homes, gardens, and even cafes and events."
As demand continues to increase, some shops are reporting backorders on some equipment, further adding to delays.
We entered the second half of 2018 with the strongest pipeline in our company's history including over $10M in backorders which was equal to our total Q3 sales last year.
We consider single item, single location, and continuous review inventory control problem with allowed backorders. We suppose that demand in successive time periods is positive, random, independent and identically distributed variable.
The manufacturer turned to BFS's factoring solutions after increased demand for its products led to multiple backorders. The company chose BFS due to its reputation for reliability and a personal, customized approach.
The team made note- worthy improvements in P-8A readiness and achieved a 25 percent reduction of backorders for repairable parts, a 57 percent reduction of backorders for consumable parts, and a 62 percent reduction in the average number of backorders per fielded aircraft.
[3] developed a continuous review inventory model for lead time and ordering cost reductions with partial backorders. This model initiated single-vendor multi-buyer with ordering cost reduction.
Keswani, "Inventory models with a mixture of backorders and lost sales," Naval Research Logistics, vol.
Concerning such a situation, we study in this paper a single item partially backordered inventory system governed by a continuous review (Q,r) policy: (i) when the inventory position (stock on hand plus stock on order minus backorders) reaches the reorder point r, an order is placed with the batch size Q; (ii) the storage space is capacitated, and unmet demands are partially backordered; and (iii) there is a "free waiting time" during which there is no backorder cost for the model.
It expects to clear the remaining backorders and begin ongoing commercial shipments for new orders in June.
Retailers of Apple's iPhone 6 in Australia assured consumers that backorders will all be fulfilled in the coming days, Fairfax reported.