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n.1.A baker.
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Perhaps just as difficult for the Western mind to grasp is that incomplete or inadequate evidence does not prove the Backster effect wrong!
Cleve Backster (21) fue uno de los primeros en proponer que las plantas son afectadas por la intencion de los humanos.
Stephen Crane, Geraint Gareth John, Ben Phillips, John Hills, Jordan Williams, Hywel Lloyd, Wil Backster and Wayne McFenton all touched down.
WASHINGTON -- Use of a questionnaire prior to surgery can greatly increase compliance with preoperative protocols, Anika Backster and her associates wrote in a poster at a meeting sponsored by the National Hispanic Medical Association.
Backster in the International Journal of Parapsychology.
Designed to accept paper items up to 5 inches wide and up to banner length, the Backster requires no electricity to operate and utilizes a safe, no-heat technology when in operation.
The examiner (the first author) was a graduate of the polygraph training courses at the Backster School of Lie Detection, San Diego, California, and the U.S.
In the appearances immediately following the publication of the plant book, a table full of plants would usually appear at this point, one of them attached to a galvanometer -- a lie-detecting device that my father's friend Cleve Backster had found could register what appeared to be the emotional reactions of plants as well as humans.
"Their Stephen Backster is my worry because he can't be given even a sniff at goal.
Through my interest in his work, I was due to go to the States next month to visit the legendary Cleve Backster who also pioneered a huge amount of research proving plants can sense human intentions.
Its characteristic is limited to reproduction and growth, no sensation or emotion (although researchers Cleve Backster and Marcel Vogel may dispute this).
The following two reports by Kiang and Backster focus on the mental interaction between living systems.