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Compatible with earlier systems or elements of earlier systems: a new release of an operating system that is backward-compatible with earlier versions.
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Backward compatibility is also one of the goals for the next console to enable support for all four generations of content as well as controllers.
2) Adjustment Parser - change the database schema modification storage scripts, maintain backward compatibility, deployment to the production environment
Xbox will also feature backward compatibility, and fans will be able to play games from every previous generation of Xbox.
Both form factors offer a wide choice of 400G optics and cables, including optics that provide backward compatibility for 100G ports.
He said: "Considering how much effort Microsoft has put into backward compatibility, I would expect the Scarlett devices to support current gen games but offer more advanced features and align possibly with Microsoft's upcoming game-streaming services."
The Pixel design incorporates backward compatibility to eliminate board and software version issues and enable older equipment to be easily updated.
The regular ATSC 3.0 TV set will show the backward compatibility of the approach, as a regular HEVC enabled TV set can decode the SHVC base layer without requiring specific upgrade.
A PL-to-LPL adaptor also offers backward compatibility with all PL mount lenses, whether Super 35 or full frame.
The latest version delivers faster run-times (up to 10x faster in benchmarked tests), new integrated user collaboration tools such as ATEasy Merge, .Net Controls support, the ability to embed ATEasy run-time executables, a test-log template that provides the ability to analyze test results, and backward compatibility with all previous versions.
The Mods will have backward compatibility with future smartphone models, Dino Romano, Lenovo country manager for mobile business, said.
The new 3.5" CDU provides full backward compatibility with the Control Display Sub-System (CDSS); but with the added Ethernet interface, comes new functionality that allows PLS output data to be displayed on the moving maps on external avionics displays.
Offering IK EEPROM and full MIFARE Classic backward compatibility, including value block support, MIFARE Plus SE offers a solution for upgrading existing MIFARE Classic IK solutions to 128-bit AES security.