lateral pass

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lateral pass

n. Football
A usually underhand pass that is thrown sideways or somewhat backward with respect to downfield.

lat′eral pass′

a pass in football thrown parallel to the line of scrimmage or backward from the position of the passer.
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Noun1.lateral pass - a pass to a receiver upfield from the passer
passing, passing game, passing play, pass - (American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammate; "the coach sent in a passing play on third and long"
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The Ducks had silenced the red sea after Springs returned a backward pass by Armstrong to the 50-yard line, and Griffin exploded through the line of scrimmage for a touchdown run on the next snap to make the score 20-7.
When the consequent optimal parameters are found, the backward pass begins.
A goal cannot be scored by the first player to play the ball after such a backward pass.
On the next drive, a wayward Blackhawks backward pass (a live ball) was scooped up by the alert Anth Naughton, who ran in 16 yards out to give Gateshead an eight-point advantage.
I prefer to see my players doing something positive and it not happening than just passing sideways or a backward pass, just playing safe.
They capitalized as a wide-open Edelman, a former college quarterback, took a backward pass from Brady and launched his first NFL pass 51 yards for a touchdown to fellow receiver Danny Amendola to make it 28-all with 4:20 left in the third.
We had a period in the game against Spurs last weekend when we were 2-1 down and we went to make a backward pass in order to go forward again and there was that sense in the crowd of just wanting to get it forward.
Back propagating learning consists of two passes through the different layers of the network, a forward pass and the backward pass.
One of the procedures for finding a critical path is to first determine the earliest occurrence times via a forward pass and the latest occurrence times via a backward pass of each activity, and then we can identify critical activity defined as an activity with the earliest occurrence time and the latest occurrence time being equal.
Ireland captain Robbie Keane had put the visitors ahead and levelled the tie at 1-1 on aggregate shortly after the half-hour, tapping home from inside the box a fine backward pass from the left by winger Damien Duff.
It was a play that confused almost everyone at Arizona Stadium, as UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers jumped a backward pass attempt by Foles and dropped it after juggling for a few steps.
Osbourne had a hand in Coventry's two best openings but all too often seems more prepared to look for a backward pass.

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