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An ancient country of southwest Asia. It was an eastern province of the Persian Empire before its conquest by the Greeks in 328 bc. The kingdom was destroyed c. 130 bc by nomadic tribes.
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(Placename) an ancient country of SW Asia, between the Hindu Kush mountains and the Oxus River: forms the present Balkh region in N Afghanistan
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(ˈbæk tri ə)

an ancient country in W Asia, between the Oxus River and the Hindu Kush Mountains. Cap.: Bactra.
Bac′tri•an, adj., n.
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His successors founded the Indo-Greek kingdom of Bactria based in what is today Afghanistan and extending to Peshawar.
The Yuezhi; origin, migration and the conquest of northern Bactria.
Admittedly, initially little had changed, as Darius fled eastwards to regroup in Bactria, and the war would continue.
He even married an Asian princess, Roxanna of Bactria (see map, p.
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Born in the village of Kalasi near Alasanda (probably Alexandria in the Caucasum in modern Baghlan province, Afghanistan); known as Menander to the Greeks, he is usually referred to as Milinda in Indian and Buddhist texts; became ruler over Bactria and Arachosia (eastern Afghanistan); led an invasion into the Ganges valley, advancing as far as Patna, but apparently annexed no territory (c.
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Assyrian artifacts were found in sites of the so-called Bactria Margiana Archaeological Complex, (125) suggesting the presence of Assyrian traders in an area north and east of the Caspian Sea inhabited at that time by the ancestors of the Indo-Iranians.
'After Alexander: Works of Art from Hellenised Asia' at Pace Gallery presents a spectacular and apparently perfectly preserved gold wreath crafted with naturalistic oak leaves and tendrils from the 2nd-century Greek settlements in Bactria (Fig.