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An ancient country of southwest Asia. It was an eastern province of the Persian Empire before its conquest by the Greeks in 328 bc. The kingdom was destroyed c. 130 bc by nomadic tribes.
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(Placename) an ancient country of SW Asia, between the Hindu Kush mountains and the Oxus River: forms the present Balkh region in N Afghanistan
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(ˈbæk tri ə)

an ancient country in W Asia, between the Oxus River and the Hindu Kush Mountains. Cap.: Bactra.
Bac′tri•an, adj., n.
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As when the TARTAR from his RUSSIAN Foe By ASTRACAN over the Snowie Plaines Retires, or BACTRIAN Sophi from the hornes Of TURKISH Crescent, leaves all waste beyond The Realme of ALADULE, in his retreate To TAURIS or CASBEEN.
They crossed a snowy pass in cold moonlight, when the lama, mildly chaffing Kim, went through up to his knees, like a Bactrian camel - the snow-bred, shag-haired sort that came into the Kashmir Serai.
Two randomly selected samples each from dromedaries from Kyzlorda, Zanakorgan, and Akshiy and Bactrians from Sholakkorgan and Kanshenegel were tested for neutralizing antibody to bovine coronavirus (9).
So they imported 20 two-humped Bactrians from Mongolia.
Deep in the heart of Bard country there is a collection of bactrians and dromedaries who are putting camel racing on the map here in Blighty.
"I suppose it is a case of the grass being greener - camels can be very inquisitive." Daredevil Circus and Stunt Show have several Afghan Bactrians.
In the former military arsenal where some Camel Corps members were auctioned off after the failed Southwest experiment, the museum has exhibits on dromedaries and Bactrians, plus local history.
A few hundred Bactrians live wild in a small area of the Gobi Desert in Asia.
Theodor Zwinger's Theatrum vitae humanae was the turning point, as it compiled contradictory information about Zoroaster as Persia n, as king of the Bactrians, and as magician or inventor of magic and astrology.
Hare is passionate about his subject and believes that the 800 to 1,200 wild Bactrians that survive in China and Mongolia, "are not feral camel renegades, but the descendants of the original wild herds which roamed Central Asia before they were domesticated over 4,000 years ago."
Winter temperatures in the deserts where the Bactrian camel live can be 40 [degrees] F below zero.
Overcoming mad dogs and sandstorms, John Hare and a team of Chinese researchers went to the Gashun Gobi desert to track the elusive wild Bactrian camel