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 (băd′ăs′) Vulgar Slang
A mean-tempered or belligerent person.
Mean; belligerent.

[bad + ass.]


a tough or aggressive person: the meanest badass in town.
1. tough or aggressive: a badass rock band.
2. excellent: a real badass watch.


Slang: Usu. Vulgar. adj.
1. mean-tempered.
2. a mean-tempered troublemaker.
Also, bad′assed`.
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He'd probably want to shoot this bad-ass gas-operated 12-gauge as much as we loved it at a test even in August.
We shot some of the biggest, bad-ass action scenes I've ever seen.
You just met Sandy Peraza; bad-ass girl skater and illustrator.
Fans have since been rewarded with one preview filled with her bad-ass moves, and another with a bit of comedy and even more action.
Hugh Jackman's lupine bad-ass faces his ultimate foe when he's summoned to Japan by an old friend.
Here, though, he's a ponytailed bad-ass who incurs the wrath of Sly Stallone's hitman in a violent action caper.
Lebanese superstar Assi Helani can easily embody an Italian mafia man (he's bad-ass that way), which is why he's signed up to play a leading role in The Godfather: The TV Series.
Hopefully this fresh, bad-ass shift in character sticks around for the third novel.
caught in the conjurer's little earthly song for a bad-ass violin.
While fans will be eager to learn the fortunes of Daryl, tonight it's the turn of Rick and Carl, who are seeking refuge together, and Michonne, who is alone and being her amazing bad-ass self.
He said everyone who attended the show was ''a bad-ass, freedom-loving American.
com), as well as co-editor of the award-winning Bad-Ass Faeries anthologies, available from Mundania Press (www.