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 (bä′də-hōz′, -thä-hōth′)
A city of southwest Spain on the Guadiana River near the border of Portugal. An ancient fortress city, it rose to prominence under the Moors as the seat (1022-1094) of an independent emirate.


(ˈbædəˌhɒz; Spanish baˈðaxoθ)
(Placename) a city in SW Spain: strategically positioned near the frontier with Portugal. Pop: 138 415 (2003 est)


(ˌbɑ ðɑˈhɔθ)

a city in SW Spain. 126,340.
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Any one who pretended to a knowledge of what occurred at the siege of Badajos was especially an object of silent pity to Mr.
Badajos, Third Secretary Princess Tomas-Tayao, Philippine Defense Attache Colonel Reuben Basiao, and Philippine Trade Counselor Eric Elnar.
Racaza started the first quarter with a bang, scoring 9 points for Woodrock which drew a sizzling finishing touch in the second half from Bascones and Badajos who combined for 18 points along in addition to their tremendous defense on the back court .