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n.1.A person given to idle observation of everything, with wonder or astonishment; a credulous or gossipy idler.
A host of stories . . . dealing chiefly with the subject of his great wealth, an ever delightful topic to the badauds of Paris.
- Pall Mall Mag.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Una critica de El Nacional del17 de noviembre de 1882 (Cymerman 2003: 735) vincula los Silbidos de un vago con el titulo Tiempo perdido, que Eduardo Wilde le ha dado a su primer libro, de 1878, solo que este "supone un hombre que trabaja, y a ratos perdidos escribe, y el otro es el fruto de la observacion de un bedau [sic, probablemente por badaud, aclara Cymerman], un flaneur; que pasa su tiempo en vivir, y dice lo que va viendo, oyendo y llamandole la atencion".
Or it can stagnate in the gaper; then the fldneur has turned into a badaud. The revealing presentation of the city has come from neither.
Although I agree with Gabriele's overall analysis, in this essay I want to explore an alternative mode of looking that was also available during the nineteenth century--the badaud. The badaud is "the curious observer, the rubberneck, the gawker," and is thus closer in character to Hazlitt's cockney than Wordsworth's stroller of the streets.
In Fikria's words: "Ma rue est le support de l'aventure, la trame, l'obscur tableau ou s'ecrit une prose indechiffrable pour le badaud [...].
(26) More plausible is Gunning's view that at this point the narrator is more like the "badaud" or "gawker," another of the contemporary urban figures of interest to Benjamin, who lacks the "characteristic detachment" of the flaneur and surrenders his individuality by becoming wholly immersed in the sensations of the street.
quand l'Esko convole, quand il convole le fils du Savetier de la Lande, alors le monde entier, badaud, n'a plus qu'^a rester coi.
J'ai demande a un badaud ce qui se passait, il m'a dit que des voyous armes venaient de commettre un hold-up dans le quartier.