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 (bād′n-pō′əl), Robert Stephenson Smyth First Baron Baden-Powell. 1857-1941.
British general who founded the Boy Scouts (1908) and with his sister Agnes (1858-1945) the Girl Guides (1910).


(ˈbeɪdənˈpəʊəl; -ˈpaʊəl)
(Biography) Robert Stephenson Smyth (smɪθ, smaɪθ), 1st Baron Baden-Powell. 1857–1941, British general, noted for his defence of Mafeking (1899–1900) in the Boer War; founder of the Boy Scouts (1908) and (with his sister Agnes) the Girl Guides (1910)


(ˈbeɪd nˈpoʊ əl)

Robert Stephenson Smyth (smaɪθ) 1st Baron, 1857–1941, British general: founded the Boy Scouts and, with his sister Lady Agnes, the Girl Guides.
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On his head was a battered Stetson, known to the trade as a Baden-Powell.
The oak tree stands in Gilwell Park, Epping, the home of the Scouting movement conceived by Robert Baden-Powell.
One, for example, documented the fall of Pretoria, while another boasted an image of Colonel Robert Baden-Powell and the headline Mafeking Relieved.
And they stuck rigidly to a handbook written and illustrated by the organisation's found, Robert Baden-Powell.
For example, the Peace Scouts had an international council some nine years before the Baden-Powell organisation.
1907 - Sir Robert Baden-Powell, above, sets up the Brownsea Island Scout camp in Poole Harbour on the south coast of England, regarded as the foundation of the Scouting movement.
1917 : General Sir Robert Baden-Powell visited the trenches and summed it up as "shellfire, slush and smiles".
We pride ourselves on running a traditional group, following the teachings of Baden-Powell, whilst adapting and changing to keep the interests of today's youth.
In the handbook, Baden-Powell drew upon material from a wide variety of sources (including his own military experience) to cover important lessons about Tracking and Observation, Woodcraft, Camp Life, First Aid, and much more.
The Boy Scout program was founded in 1907 by Robert Baden-Powell, a veteran of the Boer War.
Ruth Porter and Ellie Pugh, who are both members of the 21st St omas's Longford Guides, were presented with the Baden-Powell Challenge Award after completing ten gruelling tasks.