Badlands National Park

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Bad′lands Na′tional Park′

a national park in SW South Dakota: rock formations and animal fossils. 380 sq. mi. (985 sq. km). Formerly (1929–77), Bad′lands Na′tional Mon′ument.
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Noun1.Badlands National Park - a national park in South Dakota having multicolored peaks and spires resulting from erosionBadlands National Park - a national park in South Dakota having multicolored peaks and spires resulting from erosion; fossil sites
Coyote State, Mount Rushmore State, SD, South Dakota - a state in north central United States
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The Southern Unit of Badlands National Park is federal property sitting on Lakota land.
WCS Conservation Scientist and author of 'The Better to Eat You With', Berger explained that in Badlands National Park, they have observed bison born with deformed hooves or portions of their legs missing, and historically, these bison would have been selected out for predation by wolves, contributing to the overall health of the herd.
Since leaving Florida, Koberlein has visited Grand Teton National Park, Glacier National Park, Badlands National Park, Craters of the Moon National Park, as well as many local areas of interest.
In addition to the work, the trek includes lectures, tours to the Wounded Knee mass grave site, Badlands National Park and the reservation itself.
Badlands National Park has a program called Walking the Badlands, where local fourth-graders come out and make healthy choices.
Spearfish Canyon, an inspired choice for the final scenes in Kevin Costner's Oscar-winning Dances With Wolves, was breathtaking, as was the spookily eerie, Mars-like terrain of Badlands National Park.
For over 40 years, artist, educator, and naturalist Larry Eifert has been a "working artist of nature." He has published nature guidebooks for national parks, such as Badlands National Park in South Dakota and Big Bend National Park in Texas.
Badlands National Park. One of Roosevelt's South Dakota haunts, campers can choose between the relative comforts of Cedar Pass Campground, located just inside the park entrance -- with water, flush toilets, and tables -- or Sage Creek Primitive Campground, 35 miles from the entrance.
Here we report two genera and at least four species of small erycine snakes from the Early Oligocene of the Badlands National Park in South Dakota.
Introduction--In 1993, visitors found fossils exposed alongside Conata Road in the North Unit of Badlands National Park, South Dakota.
The next segment is National Parks, from Montana to South Dakota, with stops at Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and Badlands National Park. Heartland is the third leg of the trip, which stretches from South Dakota to Minnesota.
Driving east from Rapid City took us towards the Badlands National Park and on to the Badlands Loop and its contrasting scenery of pointed peaks and flat-topped rock structures.