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A guidebook to countries or a country.

[After the guidebooks published by Karl Baedeker.]


1. (Journalism & Publishing) any of a series of travel guidebooks issued by the German publisher Karl Baedeker (1801–59) or his firm
2. (Journalism & Publishing) any guidebook


(ˈbeɪ dɪ kər)

1. any of the series of guidebooks for travelers issued by the German publisher Karl Baedeker, 1801–59, and his successors.
2. any guidebook for travelers.
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Noun1.Baedeker - German publisher of a series of travel guidebooks (1801-1859)
2.Baedeker - any of a series of travel guidebooks published by the German firm founded by Karl Baedekerbaedeker - any of a series of travel guidebooks published by the German firm founded by Karl Baedeker
travel guidebook, itinerary - a guidebook for travelers
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Indeed, some part of each day we had spent diligently learning each other, as travellers to distant lands across the Channel work hard at phrase-book and Baedeker the week before their departure.
You would be like a Cook's tourist abroad, without a guide or a Baedeker, if you attempted to rely upon yourself.
You can come and look at them by yourself with your Baedeker.
When I did not prefer to keep mine to myself there was always a stray tourist, disencumbered of his Baedeker, to discuss them with, or some domesticated painter rejoicing in the return of the season of strong effects.
She has performed in front of HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa in 2014 and has played the role of Donna Anna for Baedeker Leisure's Bahrain production of Don Giovanni in 2011.
Overall, Winstone moves from quasimythical Baedeker into the maelstrom of Nazi politics and killing.
Walter describes a photograph on the back of Loy's poetry collection Lunar Baedeker & Time-Tables and relates how Loy ordered the photograph cropped so that only her eyes looked out to the viewer.
publicado su libro Breve Baedeker lunar (Torremozas, 2009).
With a useful chronology spanning three millennia, an elegant map from a 1909 Baedeker, nearly three dozen black and white photos and 17 color reproductions, the book is as much a delight for the eyes as it is for the mind.
The original letters preserved in the Lopez Museum and Library are an interesting read even if Rizal's long, detailed description of Paris landmarks-Champs Elysees, Place Vendome, Place de la Concorde, Opera, Madeleine-were all drawn from the Baedeker Guide.
The firm of Karl Baedeker first produced a guide to Switzerland in 1844; the first version in English appeared in 1863.