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 (băf′ĭn), William 1584?-1622.
English explorer who piloted several expeditions (1612-1616) in search of the Northwest Passage.


(Biography) William. c.1584–1622, English navigator and explorer who led several expeditions to find the North West Passage


(ˈbæf ɪn)

William, 1584?–1622, English navigator.


[ˈbæfɪn] N Baffin BayBahía f de Baffin
Baffin IslandTierra f de Baffin
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And all this happened far away to the north, beyond Labrador, beyond Hudson's Strait, where the great tides heave the ice about, north of Melville Peninsula--north even of the narrow Fury and Hecla Straits--on the north shore of Baffin Land, where Bylot's Island stands above the ice of Lancaster Sound like a pudding-bowl wrong side up.
Later, they would go south into Baffin Land after the reindeer, and to get their year's store of salmon from the hundreds of streams and lakes of the interior; coming back north in September or October for the musk-ox hunting and the regular winter sealery.
Earlier managed by RollDock, BigLift Baffin and BigLift Barentsz have a deck size of 125 metres by 42 metres.
Which English explorer who made three attempts to discover the Northwest Passage gave his name to a bay on Baffin Island?
We describe the seasonal occurrence of marine mammals and the spatial distribution of their calls in Baffin Bay and Melville Bay.
Scott Ashton yelled down from his perch atop the boat rocketing across the surface of Baffin Bay's wicked morning chop: "We're going about 30 mph, and 11 miles off shore.
Scott and I shot a few more reds, pintails and two wigeon, one a gorgeous bird meant for the wall, to complete the Baffin Bay trifecta.
Peregrine Diamonds has reported the results of an independent preliminary economic assessment (PEA) for phase-one development of an owner-operated, open-pit mining project on its Chidliak diamond project on south Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada.
Ives (Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University and a Senior Advisor of Mountain Ecology and Sustainable Development at United Nations University)has written a lively and informative account of several of his expeditions to Baffin Island during the "golden age" of federal research.
Ives presents a body of research on glacial geomorphology and glaciology that was conducted mid-nineteenth century in Baffin Island, Arctic Canada.
During Fall 2012, the black drum population in the Baffin Bay area of the ULM experienced an emaciation event.
A fog approaches our temporary camp as we harness the dogs, and continue south on the final stretch of our 4,000-kilometre expedition to circumnavigate Baffin Island.