Bag net

Bag´ net`

    (băg´ nĕt`)
n.1.A bag-shaped net for catching fish.
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Graphite Enterprise Trust, which held the investment via Graphite Capital Partners VII, said that it is to bag net proceeds of some GBP15m (USD25.
A123 Systems expects to bag net proceeds of USD9m via the sale of stock and warrants.
The vendor expects to bag net after-tax proceeds of USD550m (EUR421.
Stake nets, bag nets, cast nets, drag nets and some other types of traps were used to capture fishes according to the topography, depth and velocity of water at different locations.
Like both of these leaders, Jobe was for many years an advocate of his people's fishing rights at Celilo Falls where, from time immemorial, local tribal groups had fished for salmon, steelhead and sturgeon, using spears and dip or bag nets.