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A glazed, ring-shaped roll with a tough, chewy texture, made from plain yeast dough that is dropped briefly into nearly boiling water and then baked.

[Yiddish beygl, from Middle High German *böugel, diminutive of bouc, ring, from Old High German boug; see bheug- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈbeɪɡəl) or


(Cookery) a hard ring-shaped bread roll, characteristic of Jewish baking
[C20: from Yiddish beygel, ultimately from Old High German boug ring]


(ˈbeɪ gəl)

a chewy, doughnut-shaped roll made of dough that is simmered in water and then baked.
[1930–35; < Yiddish]
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Noun1.bagel - (Yiddish) glazed yeast-raised doughnut-shaped roll with hard crustbagel - (Yiddish) glazed yeast-raised doughnut-shaped roll with hard crust
Yiddish - a dialect of High German including some Hebrew and other words; spoken in Europe as a vernacular by many Jews; written in the Hebrew script
bun, roll - small rounded bread either plain or sweet
onion bagel - bagel flavored with onion
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