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a. A container of flexible material, such as paper, plastic, or leather, that is used for carrying or storing items.
b. A handbag; a purse.
c. A piece of hand luggage, such as a suitcase or satchel.
d. A pouchlike or sagging organ or part of the body, such as a cow's udder.
2. An object that resembles a pouch.
3. Nautical The sagging or bulging part of a sail.
4. The amount that a bag can hold.
5. An amount of game taken or legally permitted to be taken.
6. Baseball A base.
7. Slang An area of interest or skill: Cooking is not my bag.
8. Slang A woman considered ugly or unkempt.
v. bagged, bag·ging, bags
1. To put into a bag: bag groceries.
2. To cause to bulge like a pouch.
3. To capture or kill as game: bagged six grouse.
4. Informal
a. To gain; acquire: He bagged a profit from the sale.
b. To capture or arrest: was bagged for trespassing.
c. To accomplish or achieve: bagged a birdie with a long putt.
5. Slang
a. To fail to attend purposely; skip: bagged classes for the day and went to the beach.
b. To stop doing or considering; abandon: bagged the idea and started from scratch.
c. To terminate the employment of.
1. To pack items in a bag.
2. To hang loosely: The pants bag at the knees.
3. To swell out; bulge.
Phrasal Verb:
bag out
To quit or abandon an activity.
bag and baggage
1. With all one's belongings.
2. To a complete degree; entirely.
bag it Slang
1. To cease participating in an activity: Finally in disgust I told my debating opponent to bag it.
2. To bring along one's lunch, as in a paper bag: I don't like cafeteria food, so I always bag it.
in the bag
Assured of a successful outcome; virtually accomplished or won.

[Middle English bagge, from Old Norse baggi.]

bag′ful n.
bag′ger n.


pl n
1. informal a lot; a great deal
2. (Clothing & Fashion) short for Oxford bags
3. (Clothing & Fashion) informal Brit any pair of trousers
4. children's slang Also: bags I Brit and Austral an indication of the desire to do, be, or have something
5. rough as bags rough as sacks Austral and NZ uncouth
References in classic literature ?
When last he had seen him he was a stout man, who held himself upright, clean-shaven, with a round, sensual face; but he had fallen in strangely, his skin was yellow; there were great bags under the eyes, and he was bent and old.
com)-- NeoEyes LLC, based in Manila, Philippines introduces their first product - NeoEyes cream, specially formulated to cope with the bags under the eyes.
It's an age thing, along with the jowls, veins on the nose, bags under the eyes and hair growing out of my ears.
We've all experienced it - tired-looking skin, bags under the eyes, bad posture.
Glaser, products that claim to reduce puffiness, tighten draping skin and lighten dark circles are not very effective treatments for bags under the eyes.
pounds 30,000 FOR A NEW MOUTHSurgeons removed bags under the eyes and injected botox to reduce wrinklesTrim tum and new boobs after surgery, working out and a healthy eating planFinishing touches included pedicure, manicure, make-up and new hair style