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Noun1.Dipterocarpaceae - chiefly tropical Asian trees with two-winged fruits; yield valuable woods and aromatic oils and resins
dilleniid dicot family - family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Hypericales, order Hypericales, order Parietales, Parietales - a large order of dicotyledonous plants of subclass Dilleniidae
dipterocarp - tree of the family Dipterocarpaceae
genus Shorea, Shorea - genus of Indonesian and Malaysian timber trees rich in resin
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Instead, Imee said that Bagtikan, Lauan, Tangile, Guyo, Yakal, Apitong are what is known as Philippine Mahogany.
For details and RSVP on or before April 11, please call BK Makati at (632) 8907960 and 0917-8340118 (7484 Bagtikan St.
Contractor address : 6th Floor Trans-Phil House, 1177 Chino Roces Avenu Corner Bagtikan St