Bahasa Indonesia

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Ba·ha·sa Indonesia

[Indonesian, Indonesian language, from Sanskrit bhāṣā, speech, language.]

Bahasa Indonesia

(Languages) the official language of Indonesia: developed from the form of Malay formerly widely used as a trade language in SE Asia


(ˌɪn dəˈni ʒən, -ʃən, -zi ən, -doʊ-)

1. a native or inhabitant of Indonesia; a citizen of the Republic of Indonesia.
2. a form of Malay that serves as an official language and lingua franca in Indonesia.
3. of or pertaining to Indonesia, its inhabitants, or the language Indonesian.
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Noun1.Bahasa Indonesia - the dialect of Malay used as the national language of the Republic of Indonesia or of MalaysiaBahasa Indonesia - the dialect of Malay used as the national language of the Republic of Indonesia or of Malaysia
Malay - a western subfamily of Western Malayo-Polynesian languages
Javanese - the Indonesian language spoken on Java
Sundanese - the Indonesian language spoken in the Lesser Sunda Islands
Balinese - the Indonesian language of the people of Bali
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At President University, the participants will learn Bahasa Indonesia in some socio-cultural activities such as Pencak Silat, and traditional dances held once a week.
But even the official languages of both bangsa and bansa (nations), Bahasa Indonesia and Filipino, are not chalk and cheese.
Bahasa Indonesia (official, modified form of Malay), English, Dutch, local dialects (of which the most widely spoken is Javanese) note: more than 700 languages are used in Indonesia
Though grateful for the assistance, the couple seriously reconsidered their priorities when they noticed their children speaking better Bahasa Indonesia than English!
Tesamoko is the second edition of the Tesaurus Bahasa Indonesia by Eko Endarmoko which was first published in 2006 and subsequently saw two reprints in 2007 and 2009.
Indonesia's national motto 'Unity in Diversity' articulates the diversity that shapes the country with more than 300 ethnic groups, 95% of those with Native Indonesian ancestry, and more than 700 living languages spoken along with the national language of Bahasa Indonesia.
Chan is fluent in over half-a-dozen languages including English, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Fuzhou, Hakka Teochew) and French.
The section introduces the data in seven languages, including Arabic, Turkish, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Urdu, Malayalam and Tagalog.
This book is meant above all to be read by younger generations of Punan in their own language and also by elders who may wish to tell these stories and compare the original Punan texts with translations in Bahasa Indonesia.
Google News now offers content in seven new languages: Romanian, Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Bulgarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Thai.
A critical component of Thailand's newly-launched strategy to position the country as a Muslim friendly destination, the app has been launched initially in English and Thai, but will be expanded to include Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia later.