Bahr el Jebel

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Bahr el Jeb·el

A river, about 955 km (595 mi) long, of South Sudan. It is a section of the White Nile.
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The landscape encompasses various grassland and woodland savannas along a belt of natural wilderness between the White Nile (or Bahr el Jebel) and the Ethiopian border.
This was the time of Reth Awin Yor whose reign also saw the waves of migrations of the Nuer from Liech (Bentiu) to east of Bahr el Jebel. Shilluk oral history including songs confirms this last date.
Sudan Following the recent publication of articles on Southern Sudan and its upcoming tourism opportunities, and mentioning the Bahr el Jebel expedition itinerary for a planned trip later this year to the region, demand has kicked in for more such unique safaris to one of the last unexplored parts of Eastern Africa.