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Noun1.Bai - the Tibeto-Burman language spoken in the Dali region of Yunnan
Tibeto-Burman, Tibeto-Burman language - a branch of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages spoken from Tibet to the Malay Peninsula
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You sit there just saying "Thanks," and "Bai Jawve, thanks awf'lly," while a girl's telling you nice things about your eyes and hair, and you don't do a thing!'
The 2019 BAI Global Innovation Awards finalists represent solutions in the global financial services industry, and The Woodforest Foundry was selected from hundreds of nominations submitted.
"I'm proud of myself," Bai said, "because I did not cry.
While most asphalt binders are the byproduct of petroleum refining industry (residue from the distillation of petroleum), BAI's products of natural asphalt are obtained from natural deposits (asphalt mining).
Bai said the ancient Chinese admiral Zheng He's voyages to the Malay peninsula were renowned and were the start of an economic partnership that prospered the two civilisations compared to later-day foreign powers that were hostile to the local population.
Pinol said BAI's investigation found that the confiscated meat shipments from Germany last June 27 in Cebu contained 250 kilograms of pork from Poland, a country struck by ASF.
Bai Mariam's husband, Suharto 'Teng' Mangudadatu, won the Sultan Kudarat gubernatorial race, a post held by his father, Gov.
BAI developed the Executive Dashboard platform to solve a need in the industry for timely and relevant insights in a regularly updated, high-level overview of key performance metrics relative to peer organizations.
Speaking to ANI, Teejan Bai said: aACoeI am from Adivasi community.
Considering that Bai (also known as Li Po) lived from 700-762 B.C., a surprising amount is known about his life, although much of that information is shrouded in inconsistencies, myths and questions with answers that are forever lost to time.
"We had a soft opening last year and business has been good since then with an occupancy of about 80-percent as of press time, with 69-percent of our clients are foreign travelers and 31-percent from the domestic market," Bai Hotel general manager Alfred Reyes said in a press briefing.
Winners of these special categories were announced live during BAI Beacon in Orlando, Fla.