Baia Mare

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Ba·ia Ma·re

(bä′yə mä′rə)
A city of northwest Romania north of Cluj. It is an industrial center and popular health resort.
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It is believed he checked into the Hotel Mara at the small city of Baia Mare on Tuesday night and asked to be housed on the top floor.
The 49th KFC restaurant in Romania will be opened Thursday in Baia Mare, north-western Romania.
Ungureanu University of Baia Mare, Romania 2010/2011 B.
The young people aim to travel to Baia Mare, in Romania, for a week next month to take part in a busy programme of delivering English lessons and play sessions to different age groups at Grupul Scolar Faracasa school.
The Romanian Rugby Union Federation yesterday expelled former first division club Universitatea Remin Baia Mare from its ranks after 17 of their players were found to have tested positive for a banned substance, an official of the federation said.
An accident like last year's in Baia Mare, leading to pollution of Romania's Tisza and Danube river system could happen again, according to Tom Garvey, head of the Baia Mare Task Force set up to investigate the accident.
Last January, cyanide-laced waste waters overflowed a tailing dam at the Baia Mare gold mining complex in northwestern Romania, near the Hungarian border.
On January 30, an estimated 100,000 cubic meters of polluted mud and wastewater escaped from a break in the dam of the Baia Mare gold mine in Northwest Romania, and spilled into the adjacent Lapus River.
ROMANIAN club FC Baia Mare has decided to cash in its promotion to the country's top division for one million dollars.