Chaleur Bay

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Cha·leur Bay

 (shə-lo͝or′, -lûr′)
An inlet of the Gulf of St. Lawrence between the Gaspé Peninsula and northern New Brunswick, Canada.

Cha•leur′ Bay′

(ʃəˈlʊər, -ˈlɜr)
an inlet of the Gulf of St. Lawrence between NE New Brunswick and SE Quebec, in SE Canada. ab. 85 mi. (135 km) long; 15–25 mi. (24–40 km) wide.
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The secretariat seeks to halt construction of the tar sands export project at the Belledune Port that will run two trains of 125 cars each carrying 175,000 barrels a day of tar sands oil every day along the "sacred Matapedia and Restigouche salmon rivers and the Baie des Chaleurs," reads a press release.
This land position occurs within the anticlinorium d'Aroostook-Perce and Baie des Chaleurs.
This work was carded out to determine the factors responsible for the local or regional distribution of the two species coexisting in the Baie des Chaleurs and the Gasp6 Peninsula.
Baie des Chaleurs is a partly mixed estuarine system opening into the Gulf of St.
The last directions of flow are likely due to late glacial ice sheet draw down towards the valley outlet at Baie des Chaleurs.
Les dernieres orientations de l'ecoulement sont probablement liees a un appauvrissement de la nappe tardiglaciaire en direction de la decharge de la vallee dans la baie des Chaleurs.
The average distance traveled ranged from 2 km in parts of Baie des Chaleurs and western Cape Breton to 19 km in central Northumberland Strait.
Females traveled significantly farther than males (Table 4) at three sites located in the upper part of Baie des Chaleurs (Fig.
89) En fait, c'est l'heritage global de la presence jersiaise dans la baie des Chaleurs qui est ici en cause.
The Matapedia Railway will also connect with the Baie des Chaleurs Railway at Matapedia, P.