Baikal Lake

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or Bay·kal  (bī-kôl′, -kŏl′), Lake
A lake of south-central Russia. Over 636 km (395 mi) long, it is the largest freshwater lake in Eurasia and the world's deepest lake, with a maximum known depth of 1,637 m (5,370 ft).
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There are some natural reserves over the banks of Baikal lake. The Barguzin Nature Reserve was founded in 1916 with the aim of increasing and studying the Barguzin sable population.
Opening of an exhibition of artistic photo, Baikal lake: life on the whims of the waves, by French photographer Erik Gurlan will be held on March 29 at the Fine Arts Museum in Bishkek.
SUV SUNK LAKE: This time it's not a ship but a luxury SUV the fisher owner parked on the frozen surface of the Baikal Lake and witnessed it submerged after ice couldn't handle the weight anymore.
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