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But I feel most for the small tradesmen and bailiffs' clerks, who are rated at three francs.
"The poet, my lord, belongs to the lowest scale, the same style of board as the small tradesman and bailiff's clerk; but I repeat, it is to those people only that I give these little surprises."
The bailiff's daughter, like me, was an only child; and, like me, she had no playfellows.
She agreed with the easy philosophy of the bailiff, already recorded in these pages: "They're only children.
The bailiff came in, and said everything, thank God, was doing well; but informed him that the buckwheat in the new drying machine had been a little scorched.
I'll come and look at her," he said to the bailiff.
My lady got me put under the bailiff, and I did my best, and gave satisfaction, and got promotion accordingly.
As for me, I went on with my business as bailiff year after year up to Christmas 1847, when there came a change in my life.
"He could not have gone far, sir bailiff," cried one of the archers, unslinging his bow.
Four of the bailiff of the palace's sergeants, perfunctory guardians of all the pleasures of the people, on days of festival as well as on days of execution, stood at the four corners of the marble table.
It was a lady whom he let in at the bailiff's door.
However, I did as he bade me, that you may be sure; and having thus taken my leave of him, I never saw him more, for he found means to break out of the bailiff's house that night or the next, and go over into France, and for the rest of the creditors scrambled for it as well as they could.