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Noun1.Bairiki - national capital of Kiribati
Kiribati, Republic of Kiribati - an island republic in the west central Pacific just to the south of the equator
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Manser (BPBM); Tarawa [1[degrees]25'S, 173[degrees]02'E]: 1 [female], 1 juvenile, Belio, 14 August 1956 (BPBM); 1 [female], Bairiki, in building, November 1957, N.L.H.
The 1st Battalion went ashore at dusk without incident, while the 2nd steamed for the nearby island of Bairiki to cut the Japanese line of retreat.
The summit, to be held in the Kiribati capital, Bairiki, will be preceded by talks Oct.
To Wilson's surprise, the president responded from Bairiki on Tarawa, biggest of 33 islands, once a British territory known as the Gilbert Islands.