Baja California

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Ba·ja California

 (bä′hä) also Lower California
A mountainous peninsula of western Mexico extending south-southeast between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California south of the US border.

Baja California

1. (Placename) the Spanish name for Lower California
2. (Placename) short for Baja California Norte

Ba′ja Califor′nia

(ˈbɑ hɑ)
a peninsula in NW Mexico between the Gulf of California and the Pacific. Also called Ba′ja, Lower California.
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Noun1.Baja California - a mountainous peninsula on northwest MexicoBaja California - a mountainous peninsula on northwest Mexico
Akwa'ala - a community of Native Americans who speak a Hokan language and live in Baja California
Mexico, United Mexican States - a republic in southern North America; became independent from Spain in 1810
Tijuana - a Mexican city just to the south of San Diego on the Lower California peninsula; popular among American tourists for racetracks and bullfights
Baja CaliforniaPenínsula de Baja California
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Ademas, abundo, se esperan precipitaciones pluviales fuertes a puntuales muy fuertes en Chihuahua, e intervalos de chubascos con lluvias puntuales fuertes en Baja California Sur, Sonora, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Durango, Nayarit, Jalisco, Colima, Michoacan, Guerrero, Oaxaca y Veracruz.
El candidato de Morena a la gubernatura de Baja California, Jaime Bonilla, ya se siente ganador y asegura que se acabaron los 30 anos de gobiernos panistas.
In a meeting led by the governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis and attended by Isidro Jordan Moyron, Secretary of Finance and Administration; Luis Humberto Araiza Lopez, Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability, Angel Terral, General Director of Airbnb in Mexico and Jorge Balderrama, Director of Public Policies of that company, announced that the firm will start capturing and remitting 3% for concept of lodging tax in Baja California Sur.
During October 2018, Volaris started service between: Tijuana, Baja California to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Guerrero; Tijuana, Baja California to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas and Tijuana, Baja California to Huatulco, Oaxaca.
Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX:FLC) begins construction on the desalination plant in San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico, for its customer Comision Estatal del Agua De Baja California (CEA), the State Water Commission of Baja California, the company disclosed on Monday.
According to latest forecasts from the National Hurricane Center (NHC), heavy rains were expected across northern Baja California, Mexico and in the southwestern parts of the United States.
National Hurricane Center says Aletta is centered about 490 miles (785 kilometers) south-southwest of the southern tip of Baja California. The storm has maximum sustained winds of 125 mph (205 kph) and is moving toward the west-northwest at 6 mph (9 kph).
The Western Whiptail, Aspidoscelis tigris is currently recognized as a polytypic species and comprises nine subspecies in Baja California, Mexico (Grismer 2002).
Actualmente en el estado de Baja California Sur se registran 163 generos con 305 especies, de las cuales 79 son endemicas (Jimenez datos no publicados).
La peninsula de Baja California es un lugar con historias.
El venado bura (Odocoileus hemionus Rafinesque) es el unico ungulado que actualmente se aprovecha cinegeticamente en Baja California, Mexico, anualmente se emiten mas de 110 permisos de caceria (Contreras et al., 2007).