n.1.A small copper coin formerly current in the Roman States, worth about a cent and a half.
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The English Dialect Dictionary has BOKY, an adjective defined as 'soft'; the Oxford English Dictionary has BYOK, an obsolete spelling of BAJOCCO, a small 19th century Italian copper coin; and KOBY is a boy's name with various instances findable on the internet.
Che ogni uomo s'ha giustamente a pesare Col manto, con le calze e col brachiero; E chi in Roma e stato un giorno intero, Un bajocco per libbra ha da pagare.
According to Dimitrakopoulos (2011), and Bajocco and Ricotta (2008), the size of a fire's distribution during this period can be explained through a power-law over many orders of magnitude, where more than 80% of fires are less than 1 hectare in size and less than 1% of fires are larger than 100 hectares.
A bajocco was the same as a grano, the 100th part of a ducat, or the tenth of a carlino: it was worth about 4 pence in 1819.