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It is often eaten with fluffy pooris or bajra roti as preparing undhiyu requires a lot of oil and bajra roti helps counter balance the oil in the dish and you don't feel bloated.
Kagliwal started with high-yield hybrid cotton and cereals such as jowar, bajra and maize.
Lentils, bajra and corn are also a major part of the diet.
" He ( Singh) harvested rainwater, managed its flow and divided his land into three parts to cultivate bajra, moong and moth during Kharif in 2014," deputy general manager of corporate communications of Cairn India Ayodhya Prasad Gaur pointed out.
We examine seven agricultural prices: rice, wheat, maize, bajra, jowar, black gram and arhar.
Shameless Indian forces targeted innocent unarmed residents of Bajwat, Chaprar, Harpal, Sajeet Garh, Charwa and Bajra Garhi at midnight on Thursday.
The chief crops of Thar such as bajra, gawar and moong are produced in large quantities.
Its portfolio of seeds includes hybrid maize, sunflower, jowar, bajra and paddy, mustard and vegetable crop seeds.
New variety of pearl millet "Sargodha Bajra -2011" was evolved at Fodder Research Institute Sargodha.
The situation is worrisome in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and central Maharashtra, where sowing of coarse cereals particularly jowar and bajra, has been affected due to lack of rains, he pointed out.
The selected crops are Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane, Cotton, Jowar, Bajra, Maize Groundnut and Sunflower.
The past fiscal year showed a marked decline in the production of several food crops, including wheat, gram, bajra, tobacco, jawar and barley, chilies, onion, Masoor and Mash, due to which the growth rate of the agriculture sector (3.13%) fell short of the target of 3.4%.