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n. pl. han·u·mans
Any of various terrestrial monkeys of the genus Semnopithecus of southern Asia, having a gray body and a black face. Also called gray langur.

[Hindi hanumān, from Sanskrit Hanumān, a monkey-god in Hindu mythology, from hanumān, having a large jaw, from hanu, jaw; see genu- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. (Animals) (sometimes not capital) another word for entellus
2. (Hinduism) the monkey chief of Hindu mythology and devoted helper of Rama
[from Hindi Hanumān, from Sanskrit hanumant having (conspicuous) jaws, from hanu jaw]
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Noun1.Hanuman - in Hinduism, the monkey god and helper of RamaHanuman - in Hinduism, the monkey god and helper of Rama; god of devotion and courage
2.Hanuman - langur of southern Asiahanuman - langur of southern Asia; regarded as sacred in India
langur - slender long-tailed monkey of Asia
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