rotary dial

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ro′tary di′al

a disk with finger holes that is affixed to a telephone and rotated to match up the finger holes with the letters and digits of a telephone number.
ro′tary-di′al, adj.
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XXXXXX xxxxxx Xxxx Retro black phones - replicas of the Ericsson Bakelite phones from the 30s - are fixed on the walls, while strategically placed mirrors emphasise the feeling of space.
The large black bakelite phones with their rotary dial would have displayed Royal 7931 at a time when all town numbers were identified by the letters ROY (for Royal) or CEN (for Central) which you dialled, plus the number.
We also picked up a couple of old, vintage Bakelite phones that had seen better days, from Gateshead Antiques fair - www.
Inspired by classic 1950s Bakelite phones, pop phone, the original retro handset designed for native union by David Turpin.
I had one of those old black bakelite phones with a wheel dial, and I remember going home with a very sore dialing finger, especially as so many ministries had a lot of 9's in their numbers, and that involved dragging your finger all the way around the dial
They have three old-fashioned, bakelite phones dotted around the house, plus original 1960s lamps and classic 50s-style cooking accessories.