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A major archaeological site in northwest Cambodia and the capital of the Khmer empire from the 9th to the 15th century. The ruins include two important Hindu temple complexes, Angkor Wat (12th century) and Angkor Thom (13th century).


(Placename) a large area of ruins in NW Cambodia, containing Angkor Thom (tɔːm), the capital of the former Khmer Empire, and Angkor Wat (wɒt), a three-storey temple, which were overgrown with dense jungle from the 14th to 19th centuries


(ˈæŋ kɔr, -koʊr)

a vast assemblage of ruins of the Khmer empire, near the modern city of Siem Reap in NW Cambodia: elaborately carved and decorated temples, statues, gateways, and towers.
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Known as Bakong, the new app is intended to facilitate money transfers and payments and is also aimed at financial inclusion.
The deceased has been identified as Mohd Najib Ismail of Kampung Teluk Bakong in Simpang Lima, Batu Pahat.
The authority specified that renovation permission was granted 139 times to villagers in Prasat Bakong district, 56 in Angkor Thom district, 111 in Puok district, 115 in Banteay Srei district and 217 in Siem Reap town.
Senior Fire Inspector 2 Hercel Vidal of Bakong Fire Station told that the fire started at around 9:30 a.m.
In an initial statement Saturday, the Western Mindanao Command in Zamboanga City said the hostilities in Barangay Bakong, Patikul erupted when Abu Sayyaf terrorists opened fire on soldiers approaching their lair there from two directions.
The first well, Jerun-1, is a significant discovery located approximately 5km north of the 2014 Bakong gas discovery.
In 1973 an entire issue was devoted to Cambodia, focusing largely on the temples of Angkor Wat, Banteay Chhmar, Bakong and Bayon amongst others, and their exquisite sculptures.
Funeral prayers were held at his home in Kampong Sungai Bakong, Lumut, before he was laid to rest at the Kampong Sengkarai Cemetery in Tutong District; survived by his widow (as above) and five children.
The Seraina, Ikan said, which was not officially registered as a Philippine sea craft and was said to be carrying some 25 to 27 passengers at the time the incident took place in Tampat Point off the village of Bakong in Bongao.
There are already abundant signs of ancient serpent cults in early Angkorian temple lintels and in temple moat balustrades, the most spectacular of which is the 0.7 metre radius naga that stretches 100 metres across the moat at the ninth-century Bakong Saiva temple at Roluos.
tired, because at Bakong, after walking the causeway across the moat, my